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CURRICULUM VITAE:      March 2016



2003-04: Doctoral Studies in the Philosophy of Education; University of South Australia.

1993-94: Certificate in Therapeutic Counselling: Dalhousie University.

1982: Masters in Philosophical Education: Boston College-Boston, St. Joseph’s College-Chicago-USA, & Concordia University, Montreal. Degree granted by Atlantic School of Theology. Thesis: Method in Education exploring the relationship between Jean Piaget and Bernard Lonergan: Published as The Child as Quest; University Press of America, 1984

1980-81: Graduate Studies in Philosophy: St. Mary's University, Halifax.

1979: Bachelor of Arts: Double Major in Philosophy & European History with minor in Sociology, Mt. St. Vincent University, Halifax, NS.

1976: Diploma in Business Management, Montreal.

1974: Diploma in Literary Studies, Conn., USA.


1984-1995 & 2002-2015: Sessional and part time lecturer in Philosophy, Child Studies and Ethics, MSVU.

1990-94: Sessional Lecturer in Medical Ethics: Dalhousie Medical School

2008-2014: Conference Director of conferences on Functional Collaboration in the Sciences: Halifax (SMU) and Vancouver (UBC).

2004-06 & 2011: Practicum Supervisor Dept. Of Family Studies & Gerontology, Mount St. Vincent Univ., Halifax, NS

2009 to Present: General Secretary: The Society for the Globalization of Effective Methods of Evolving

2004 & 2005: Parenting Series with HRM School Board. Three articles on Parenting at

2001-03: Member of Mount St. Vincent University Alumni Board of Directors

2002-03: Chairperson of MSVU Professor’s teaching Award Select-committee. (Presented Award at MSVU 2003 Convocation)

1994-2006: Private Counseling practice.

1993-94: Ethical Consultant Dalhousie Medical School (Aids and Dentistry)

1993-96: Ethical Consultant with Shannex Corp. (Seniors Residence)

1996: Director of International Conference on Bernard Lonergan's Economics, Halifax, NS.

1993-96: In-Services: Halifax Regional School Board: teaching methods, structure & evaluation of outcomes, self-esteem, and child development.

1982-1996: Training teachers for various grade levels.


Death & Dying, Love & Marriage, Contemporary Moral Problems, The Roots of Peace and Conflict (Distance & Classroom lecture formats), Introduction to Philosophy, Methods in Education, Child Development (The Child as Quest), Reasoning and Argumentation, Medical Ethics, Bioethics, Contemporary and professional Ethical Issues in Aging and Families, Philosophy of Education, Child Studies.


2014: Functional Research in Neuroscience UBC, Vancouver, BC

2012: Exploring Systems toward Effective Communication UBC, Vancouver, BC

2011: An Ethics of Philosophic Work (Pub.) SMU, Halifax, NS

2010: Communications: Effectively Defining Audiences UBC, Vancouver, BC

2009: Seeking Unity as Functional Collaborators SMU, Halifax, NS

2008: Patterns of Response to Lonergan’s Paradigm-shift Challenge UBC, Vancouver, BC


2016 (June): “Functional Research in Neuroscience”, Chapter One in Seeding Global Collaboration, Edited by Patrick Brown, Axial Publishing, Vancouver, BC.

2016: Implementing Generalized Empirical Method into Neuroscience by Functionally Ordering Tasks. Dialogues in Philosophy, Mental and Neuro Sciences: The official journal of Crossing Dialogues, Volume 9, Issue 1, available June 2016, Rome, Italy.

2015: Generalized Empirical Method: A context for a discussion of language usage in Neuroscience, Dialogues in Philosophy, Mental and Neuro Sciences: The official journal of Crossing Dialogues, Volume 8, Issue 1, June 2015. Rome, Italy.

2013: Can cerebral scanning and imaging techniques contribute to a theory of thinking? Dialogues in Philosophy, Mental and Neuro Sciences: The official journal of Crossing Dialogues, Volume 6, Issue 2, December 2013. Rome, Italy.

2012: An Ethics of Philosophic Work, Journal of Macrodynamic Analysis; Memorial University, NL,

2010: Teaching Foundations in Peace Studies, Journal of Macrodynamic Analysis; Memorial University, Newfoundland, Canada.

2005: A Spirituality of Obedience: Equal in God’s Eyes Only? Article published in online Journal Quodlibet; Vol. 7, # 2, June 2005 at . A brief discussion of the philosophical foundations of gender equality.

2000: “Reality, Judgment and Dissociative Consciousness”; Article published in METHOD: Journal of Lonergan Studies. Boston, USA. Vol. 18, Number 2, Fall 2000. Article on Identity Disorder with implications for psychotherapy.


2004: Book Review by request of Improving Moral Decision-making by Michael Shute & William Zanardi, Axial Press, Halifax, NS 2003. HEC Forum: Health Care Ethics Committee Forum. September 2004, Volume 16, issue # 3.

1993: Article on Bioethics in Prince Edward Island Nursing newspaper.

1986: Reviewer for Adult Education Journal; Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, Publication Services, Ottawa.


2014: Neuroscience and Generalized Empirical Method: A response to A. Rastogi, Dialogues in Philosophy, Mental and Neuro Sciences: The official journal of Crossing Dialogues, Volume 7, Issue 2, 2014.

2014: Generalized Empirical Method: Is it Needed? Dialogues in Philosophy, Mental and Neuro Sciences: The official journal of Crossing Dialogues, Volume 7, Issue 1, June 2014.


2016: Global Collaboration: Neuroscience as Paradigmatic, Axial Publishing, Vancouver, BC

2008: Behind the Altar; A fictional novel exploring the dysfunctional psychology of contemporary institutional Religion. Published by Xlibris Publishing, PA, USA

1984: The Child as Quest; University Press of America, Published MA thesis: An exploration of the relationship between Jean Piaget’s notion of development and Bernard Lonergan’s Intentionality Analysis and their implication for pedagogy in education.


External Article Reviewer (2015) Dialogues in Philosophy, Mental and Neuro Sciences: The official journal of Crossing Dialogues, Rome, Italy.

External Book Reviewer (2015) Book Proposal “Invitation to Generalized Empirical Method in the Sciences," by Prof. Terrance J. Quinn. Publisher: World Scientific Publishing.

External Book Reviewer (2015) Book proposal “An Introduction to Conflict Resolution and Transformation Studies”, Canadian Scholar’s Press, Toronto, Canada.

WORK IN PROGRESS: Genetic Method in Neuroscience

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